There have been some sports stories that are down right too comical/tragic for me not to comment on, up first its Plaxie!:

In my opinion, the incident was self defense. He shot the person who shot him, which just happens to be himself. But, the Giants suspended him anyway and the future looks pretty bleak because he now almost certainly faces jail time for having a concealed weapon without a license in NYC.

anyway, here is a funny comic book that blends together A Christmas story with the Burress Incident:

Up Next its The NHL's answer to Dennis Rodman, Sean Avery. Sean Avery is a Forward on the Dallas Stars and has been known to rub some people the wrong way and he also interned for Vogue magazine, make of that what you will. Anyhow, Prior to a game against the Calgary Flames, he had some disparaging remarks about Flames' Defenseman Dion Phanuef pertaining to his personal life. Observe:

To clear things up, Avery used to go out with Hollywood Hottie Elisha Cuthbert, and is now dating Calgary Flames Defenseman Dion Phaneuf. Plus, Avery was also romantically linked to Rachel Hunter, the former Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover model and actress who is now the girlfriend of Los Angeles Kings center Jarrett Stoll. So, closely examined Avery has a point but it is being rumored that the Dallas Stars are attempting to cut him because of the incident, mainly to divert people's attention from their piss-poor record, after reaching the Western-Conference finals last year. I hope NHL Commissioner, Gary Bettman has heard of this nifty idea, called freedom of Speech. Because I don't think that "sloppy seconds" warrants a suspension of any length. Shouldn't Bettman be more focused on eliminating career-threatening cheap-shots?



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