SUN & SCIENCE NEWS: March 22, 2014:
Solar activity has increased a little. We saw another M-Class solar flare from     Beta class group 12011. then we had a C4.1 from out of nowhere. There maybe a new sunspot group being born or re-born behind 12011. We'll see by tomorrow if it fizzles or a new spot develops. We are left with 7 Earth-facing active sunspot groups. We have 3 Beta-Gamma magnetic class groups out of the 7 visible ones. Let's start with Beta-Gamma class group number 12010. This active sunspot group is in the dead center-point of the Earth-facing solar disk. Magnetogram shows solid mixing in the central area. If this continues and the umbrae start, for lack of a better term, almost blending together, going from two separate umbrae, each with a closed penumbral wall, to one single bi-polar umbrae, with one single penumbral wall, now encompassing both polarities. Then this group may see Delta development and be the first one to join the Beta-Gamma-Delta class. Every other group with the exception of the outgoing Beta-Gamma group 12014, is in the Beta or Alpha group. There are other active sunspot groups seeing growth as well but they are on the far side of the sun and therefore are not of any concern to us at this time. Definitely keep your eye on incoming group 11993 because I think it's more magnetically complex and more powerful than the HMI Magnetogram first leads you to believe.

Plasma filaments that were dead center    are now closer to the departing side of the solar disk. I haven't seen anything erupt yet. they're big and mean and can go at anytime, especially now that our planet's magnetic connection is dawdling around in that area along with Venus right above Beta class group number 12008. Coronal holes are continuing their wrath. Coronal fields still keeping open that Coronal Hole stream form yesterday, except it's now more Earth-directed than it was yesterday. We had over 50 magnitude 4 or higher earthquakes yesterday, with a couple out of those over 6.0. Same story continues today with 47 quakes magnitude 4 or higher so far. The difference being that today is that we have twice as many magnitude 5 or higher quakes. 19 tremors in total which were magnitude 5 or higher. One of those was a 6.2 on the Richter scale and once again happened in Peru. 

Fierce solar blasts that could have badly damaged electrical grids and disabled satellites in space narrowly missed Earth in 2012, U.S. researchers said on Wednesday.
The bursts would have wreaked havoc on the Earth’s magnetic field, matching the severity of the 1859 Carrington event, the largest solar magnetic storm ever reported on the planet. Here's the kicker, the flare that did this was an M5.7. Not even X-Class. So keep in mind folks, you can have pandemonium from an M-Class flare. The class just measures it's X-Ray output when it first fires but geomagnetic effects depend on how much particles are actually ejected. Hence an M-Class flare can make a bigger impact at Earth than an X-Class flare.

Here's some weird shit that happened today. This whole chem-trail story really hit me today. It started off as a cloudy day as a low pressure system passed the NYC area overnight. As the clouds were rolling out this afternoon, a swarm of airplanes started creating, what have had to have been, chemtrails. They were laid down in a grid pattern behind the passing storm front or possibly for the next incoming front, who really knows. My allergies, which mind you, I have none of! A few hours later my nose started bleeding. Here's the kicker, one more hour had passed and the sky had ZERO contrails. You cant tell me that first planes are leaving super heavy trails and then POW, nothing. Give me a break, something is surely going on. There's too much evidence to support it.

Checking the metric here at Earth we see the solar wind is currently coming in between 450km/s and 500km/s with the density showing baseline readings after seeing spikes and elevations earlier. The interplanetary Magnetic field here at Earth is calm. Low energy protons are still doing the flux but that may be partly due to our planet's magnetic connection point proximity to sunspot group 12008. Electron flux shows nothing since yesterday's spike and the KP Index is 1. Solar flaring probability is 41% for the M-class flare and a further 5% chance of seeing the X-Class kind, over the next 24 hours.



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