Hillary Clinton just won’t stop. The institutionalized politician and tool of the banking elite refuses to back down from pure common sense and stop the careening train wreck that is her Democratic presidential campaign. It has now come to the light that two of Hillary’s top aides allegedly violated two national security laws by engaging in the transmission of classified information on a private email server. 18 USC Sec. 1924 outlaws the unauthorized removal and storage of classified information. Penalties may include fines and imprisonment up to one year. Army General David Patraeus was sentenced to two years probation and a $40,000 fine in March for violating this very statute after providing classified documents to his biographer Paula Broadwell.

18 USC Sec. 793 covers national defense information and people who misuse it to injure the United States or benefit a foreign power. Those convicted of violating that law face fines and up to 10 years in prison. Hillary’s staff would have us all believe this is simply an administrative mishap. Regardless of the fact that her Blackberry and private computer equipment weren’t issued by the State Department. CNET Senior Editor Dan Ackerman explained "Anytime you're bringing your own equipment and using it for work purposes, it's not as secure as something that's actually issued by the company," "Because they take those laptops, for example, and they pre-configure them, they put their own software on them, tracking software, update software, and they distribute them."

The Examiner reports Jeffery Sterling, A former CIA agent was sentenced to 42 months in prison for leaking classified information to New York Times reporter James Risen in 2003. U.S. attorney Dana Boente said in a statement. "For his own vindictive purposes, Jeffrey Sterling carelessly disclosed extremely valuable, highly classified information that he had taken an oath to keep secret," "His attempt to leverage national security information for his own malicious reasons brought him to this sentence today." Hillary’s classified emails were available to any hacker, and thus available to the public or a foreign entity at anytime. In comparison to convicted CIA agent Sterling, Hillary’s hubris put national security in a far more precarious spot. If our national security laws apply to everyone as they should, Hillary’s arrest should be swift and her campaign of rampant deception terminated immediately.



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