Military contracts have not been canceled, and supplies are still going on. The only thing is that there are not enough airplanes and helicopters. The Turkish mass media reported that Russia delivered MiG aircrafts to Syria. If it is so, that is really reasonably, as the Syrian army plays the major role in combating various Islamic extremists in the region, the expert says.
Russia has lately offered the West to include Bashar al-Assad's army to come out in a united front against the Islamic State. While the West is in doubt, it realizes it's time to 'choose the lesser of two evils'. Oleg Fomin believes that the Russian diplomacy will put the squeeze on Wahington over this issue.
Washington's stance is also dependent on Israel, which wants to redraw the Middle East map according to its interests. That is, to make all the countries weak and controlled, there should be the Alawites state of Assad, the Sunni one of the IS, and the Shia one in the South of Iraq and Kurdistan.
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