Strapped for cash? Feeling Sober? Need a quick Psychoactive/Psychedelic boost?
Who doesn't?

In these rough economic times, your recreational drug budget may have taken a severe hit because....well, you need to eat or pay rent or something silly like that. I don't have this problem because I work for a Bankruptcy attorney and I am straight Ballin'!

But I feel for all those people out there who have to make the tough choice of either Eating or getting High. I am a big proponent of both and no should have to starve or be sober for prolonged periods of time...It's inhumane. The beauty of living in America is that we always have had bountiful amounts of drugs.

In order to ensure you don't have to make these tough choices, here is a list of Household Items that can help you get through this economic mess and by the time you sober up, maybe our economy will rebound somewhat as well.



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