You know, when this government healthcare website started to tank, I said to myself that it would suck to be the girl from the stock photo used on the website. Her face was literally plastered on what the news channels tried their hardest to portray as an utter failure and steaming pile of legislative shit. I really felt bad for this poor woman, especially right up to the moment that I found out that people had been harassing her online and by phone at home as if this whole quagmire is somehow her fault. Meanwhile for some reason, CNN is trying to find this woman. WHY!!! Leave her alone. You've done enough damage.

How did some people get so fucking dumb in this country, that they look at her when the website doesn’t work as it should and say “Well surely it’s her fault. Fucking cunt! I’m gonna find her online and make her life hell.” I bet these are the idiots that are the cause of phone numbers in every movie starting with 555. And to add insult to injury, this poor broad didn’t even get paid for this now infamous photo. I saw this woman on the news this morning, breaking down and crying, because asshole morons like that leave her nasty messages and death threats on her answering machine. Leave the poor woman alone!

If you want to troll, then focus your attention in the right place. I suggest instead of being mad because the website is not working properly, let’s be mad about the fact that the Obama Administration spent $600 million dollars on a damn website. Now I’m not a hardcore IT techie who knows all the ins-and-outs of the industry but I’m damn certain that there is no reason really why this thing should cost $600 million. Or as I like to call it, $100 million more than half a billion dollars. I now even tell my prospective web design clients "Hey, was $600 million, your website is only four grand and it's going to look way better."

I know there’s all the hardware and everything associated with running a large scale IT operation but even still, can’t see the cost as being that high. Some people’s pockets are getting lined lovely in my honest opinion. So if you want to be mad at anyone, it should be them, the people that are financially raping and pillaging our government.

How are we, as society and a country, supposed to climb out of debt when the government does ridiculous things like pay $100 million more than half a billion dollars for a website? Now all that bull-crap they try to peddle us on the news is bullshit designed to distract us from the bigger picture. Now let’s wake up everybody and leave the woman from the stock photo alone please.



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