Revelations uncovered by journalist Rui Pedro Antunes has exposed how the highly secretive Bilderberg Group has quietly sought to gain control over the Portuguese government.

In all, at least 73 members of the Portuguese Government have been invited to attend the controversial annual three day meetings.

The Bilderberg Group is possibly most influential organisation of its kind, and has been labelled as a ‘secret government’ which decides and shapes global policy across a wide range of issues.

The shocking figure includes 43 past and present ministers, 8 secretaries of state, 12 political party leaders, 5 prime ministers, including former prime minister Francisco Pinto Balsemão who held the position on the Bilderberg Steering Committee for 3 decades.

Formed predominately by politicians, media moguls, bankers and corporate tycoons, the Bilderberg Group attracts widespread criticism from activists as it is seen to often circumvent the democratic process.

According to Rui Pedro Antunes, who presents his research in his new book, ‘The Bilderberg plans for Portugal’, the group mainly focus on the right-wing politicians, and fails to invite left-wing ministers from the Left Bloc and the Portuguese Communist Party.

Despite his best efforts, none of the politicians who have attended were willing to speak to Rui Pedro Antunes, as a result of the strict code of silence regarding the meetings.

By TNM reporter



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