Bundestag members break ranks and visit Moscow to talk business.
German politicians, despite sanctions, try not to break off the thread of dialogue with Moscow. Representatives from all parties headed by the chairman of the Bundestag Committee on Economics visited Moscow to discuss gas business. After the initiative of their colleagues, Berlin reacted with condemnation and stressed that it was not a visit by an official delegation.
What is happening shows that the EU anti-Russian front begins to fall apart, according to the outlet of the German correspondent Oliver Mayer-Ruth.
Red Square. Great St. Basil's Cathedral. Kremlin. It is true: in the Russian capital, has many attractions, and it's definitely worth a visit. In principle, this can be done against the background of political tension between East and West, bilateral sanctions and a cold style of communication, says ARD / Das Erste, in the lead article for InoTV.
Since everything has changed, diplomatic, tourism has become subject to its own rules. Now, a group of deputies of the Bundestag traveled to Russia to prevent the break off of Russian-German economic relations. However, against the background of the general political situation, Moscow has almost become for them the Forbidden City.
The Russian parliament. Duma. When it comes to business with the Russians, the influential chairman of the Committee on Economy and Energy Bundestag Peter Ramsauer, apparently, is not afraid to make contact. He pays no attention to the sanctions. For Ramsauer next speaker on political and economic issues of all the parties of the Bundestag. The delegation met with members of the Duma to discuss the promotion of the Russian-German gas business.
"We are all familiar with the problems of economic sanctions. But, in my opinion, because of this you can never break off the thread of the political dialogue ", - says the chairman of the Committee on Economy and Energy of the German Bundestag, Peter Ramsauer.
Back in Berlin, is a deep belief not shared by all. The president of the Bundestag Norbert Lammert, skeptical about the trip to the politicians in Moscow, which is connected, apparently, with the anti-Russian sanctions. In a written address to the Ramsauer he emphasizes:
"Exceptionally, in order to clarify the situation, I would like to point out that in any case we need to avoid giving the impression that we are talking about an official delegation of the German Bundestag."
Ramsauer is not much worried. He justifies his actions, referring to the vice-chancellor. Two weeks ago, the head of the Social Democratic Party of Germany, Sigmar Gabriel, was also in Moscow for a personal meeting with Vladimir Putin and said that sanctions will be phased out when the conditions will be performed in Minsk agreements.
Apparently, he did it all without the consent of Brussels and the German Chancellery.
This is similar to what was done by the head of Siemens, Joe Kaeser. Shortly after joining the Crimea to Russia in the spring of 2014, he ignored the plans for the adoption of anti-Russian sanctions, and pointedly met with Putin in Moscow.
Chairman of the Bundestag, Ramsauer wrote that the German government will not cover the cost of this trip. Ramsauer says he knows nothing about the position of Lammert.
"That was the first time I heard about it. I thoroughly discussed this with the President of Parliament and my friend Norbert Lammert ", - he said.
Action anti-Russian sanctions will last at least until the end of January, but the front is falling apart now.



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