The number of armed groups that have joined the Syrian ceasefire reached 42, while negotiations with three more are underway, the Russian Defense Ministry said Saturday.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Ten violations of the cessation of hostilities were recorded in Syria within the past 24 hours, the Russian center for Syrian reconciliation said in a bulletin published Saturday.
"The ceasefire is generally holding. At the same time, 10 violations of the ceasefire were recorded within 24 hours (Damascus – 6, Aleppo – 3, Hama – 1)," the bulletin published on the Russian Defense Ministry’s website read.
Servicemen of the Syrian Arab Army at the Syrian-Turkish border near the town of Kessab
The positions of government troops in Damascus have been shelled five times from areas under control of the Free Syrian Army, according to the bulletin.
Last month, Russia and the United States brokered a truce between the Syrian government and key opposition forces in Syria.
The ceasefire took effect on February 27 and has largely held so far, despite sporadic violations. It does not apply to terrorist groups operating in the country, mainly Daesh and al-Nusra Front.
"Negotiations with the leaders of three armed groups operating in the city of Aleppo are underway. The number of armed groups that have joined the ceasefire is 42," an information bulletin of the Russian reconciliation center in Syria read.

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