When a despotic regime like Saudi Arabia decides to become subservient to the United States, it's not because it wants to get a rocket to put a man on the moon to serve humanity; it’s because it wants to send as many innocent people as possible to their graves; more so, doctors, nurses and patients.

Now it shouldn't come as surprise to hear that the Saudi-led death cult,  with a stockpile of Western arms, are ‘deliberately’ targeting hospitals and clinics in Yemen. After all, their American masters are doing the same in Afghanistan. Tragic enough, the Saudi-led siege of Yemen, which also includes the United States and Israel, has so far hit nearly 100 healthcare facilities. Still, they have the face to insist this is for democracy!

As reported by the International Committee of the Red Cross, the US-backed invaders have been “deliberately” attacking hospitals and clinics for months. It's an appalling trend that “disrespects the neutrality of health facilities.”

The most recent airstrike devastated a clinic on Sunday, November 8, in the city of Taiz - one of the most populous regions, which has been under heavy fire for months. The shelling of Al-Thawra Hospital in the south came just weeks after a Doctors Without Borders (MSF) clinic was hit in Haydan in the north. It comes also after the MSF condemned the US for deliberately bombing its hospital in Afghanistan. The international organization has even charged the US government with war crimes. We say good luck with that!

However, any decent human being knows that the neutrality of healthcare facilities and staff must be respected. Health facilities should never be attacked, and surgical and medical supplies should never be blocked from reaching hospitals in areas under siege – something that the Saudi-led and US-backed occupying forces have been doing for months in a flagrant violation of international humanitarian law.

As is customary,  the Saudi murderers deny being aware that the airstrikes in Haydan targeted a clinic – just as their American masters keep denying the evident truth of having destroyed the Kunduz hospital in Afghanistan and now stonewalling international inquiry into that deliberate mass murder. Perhaps there is a simple explanation for all this: The Saudis and the Americans keep targeting hospitals because they know there is no international inquiry, not today, not tomorrow, not ever.

It's a silly world we live in, where Malala Yousufzai, a Pakistani schoolgirl, is turned into a poster child and movie star for a nefarious agenda in the West – under the pretext that she was shot by the Taliban after refusing to quit school – all while there is no one to sympathize with all those defenseless doctors and nurses who were killed in cold blood for doing what they loved the most: SAVING LIVES.

It’s absolutely shocking how the tragedy of hospitals in Yemen is never “exploited” by various interested parties in the West – even to advance their own agenda. The most disgusting part is played by the corporate media AND “pro-human rights” establishments. They have never bothered to express any sympathy with the thousands of women and children murdered by the Americans and the Saudis. The world's indifference to the suffering of Yemeni civilians and the murdering of doctors and nurses is shocking.

Article from FARS News Agency, Tehran.



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