Iran is pisses because an American movie, "The Wrestler" portrays Iranians in a negative light.
Here is a Clip:

Offensive? Please, An Actor portraying an Iranian wrestler in the filming of a match with predetermined outcome. Offensive? more like confusing. The song playing is not the original but I replaced it because I do not want further offend Iran. 

"The Wrestler" is directed by Darren Aronofsky and is supposed to be Mickey Rourke's big comeback. It also features Marisa Tomei as a stripper. Here is a trailer/music video featuring "The Boss" who plays the theme song.

I hope this movie wins an Oscar and the Iranian wrestlers is best supporting Actor, because that is some good acting.

Let's look at what a real Iranian wrestler looks like.

"Put him in the camel clutch, Break his back and F*%@ his Ass! Make him humble."
His words, not mine. I guess Darren Aronofsky should have made his Iranian wrestler more fiery. Since The character of "ayatollah" in the movie is based on an Iranian Wrestler from the 80's who performed the camel clutch, Its pretty safe to say that "Ayatollah" is based on the Iron Sheik, who we witnessed earlier and by the way that outburst was not an isolated incident. So, it seems to me that Darren Aranofsky, the same guy who brought us Requiem For a Dream, had to TONE it down a little. Not good enough for Iran.
Anywho, This is not the first time. Iran also had beef with "300" and "Alexander." Both Epic films about great bygone eras. "The Wrestler" on the other hand is about a washed up 80's Pro wrestler from New Jersey who is dating a stripper. I guess the only reason Iran is pissed is because The Iranian Wrestler in question was played by an American, Earnest "the cat" Miller. Problem Solved, Hollywood, please cast nationalities appropriately. We will all be better for it.



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