Plaxichokes Burress made the "most difficult" catch in the superbowl to give the New York Giants a superbowl victory agains't the greatest football team in history. How difficult was "the catch" hmm I'll let you be the judge of that..

So moving on how will the Giants ever reclaim a superbowl victory without their Star Wide Receiver?? Well they showed that they can beat the other best team in the NFC so all Giant fans are thinking "repeat" haha how far that is from the truth ..It wasn't a playoff game for the giants nor did you face a great team. At least the Giants wont be eliminated in the first round, this year...

I'm kinda hoping the Jets would win and the Raven lose this week this way once the playoffs start New England can get the opportunity to shut new york's dreams of a subway superbowl haha. personally I think the Giants will be better off without Plaxico, just not this year!! OH but dont worry Giant Fans you still have ... --> David Tyree and Michael Phelps haha.



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