NEWS Transcript: February 16, 2014:

What an interesting evening it turned out to be. We did have a geomagnetic storm during the overnight hours which had the Earth's magnetic field getting peppered with charged particles. The GOES Satellite, GOES meaning stationary, equipped with super sensitive detectors on board, shows the instability that ensued. The B-Line plot shows a visual representation of what the KP index shows as double 5 bar event, which is higher than I initially predicted but still not enough to cause major concern to us on Earth. Let's take a closer look at the sun and what's on the solar storm menu for today. only 4 groups that can have an effect on us if they produce coronal mass ejections. We did have an M-Class Solar Flare, which most likely produced an Earth Directed CME. I wouldn't worry though, because it only measured M1.1 and it came from 11977 but it is on the way here. ENLIL Cone Model not yet showing it or if it is they got it the wrong around. The graph doesn't seem to reflect it either, yet. Solar wind is dropping from yesterdays CME arrival and as of 2PM EST is at about 360Km/s. If you watched yesterday's video, I had 11977 as the next best candidate for M-Class or higher flaring. I also had mentioned that I would lump 977 with 974 in the same probability group as they have pretty much equal activity potential, now that 974 has powered down. As this chart shows, it seems I'm not the only one who thinks so. Coronal Hole plot shows that our magnetic connection to the sun finally moved and lucky for us it's now in an even weaker coronal hole zone, located at the uppermost point on the southeastern face of the coronal disk, than it was just days before. Although the north facing coronal holes have now rotated into the earth facing position. Filament plot shows nothing of concern, although interestingly enough, the model is confusing two sunspots, which have really well defined penumbral walls, as filaments.

In other science news, there's an interesting story I just came across, that talks about termite inspired robots, which work together, with complete autonomy to build areas of habitation for astronauts prior to our arrival there in near future. Wait a minute! Wouldn't they technically be terranauts then and not astronauts? I think terranaut a much cooler name than Astro-naut. Astro I think implies that it's space and Mars is a planet. And the suffix naut implies that it's an explorer. So a planetary explorer would be, a terranaut. Hands up if you agree.

Hey, did you guys see Bill NYe on meet the press with Marsha Blackburn? I was horrified at Marsha Blackburn. Just listen to this.

She can't be serious. Is she stupid? Or is she a liar. I think she's a liar. Marsha must be bad at poker because her poker face is terrible. Did you see that stupid smirk every time she makes a false statement, or how she jumped topics right after saying a jump from 320ppm to 400ppm is insignificant. No-one is this stupid, surely. We have to start getting corporate money into politics because this is what it creates. I almost hate saying this because it makes me sound like a conspiracy nut, but So called corporate disinformation agents like Marsha trying to say that its all a guess and not proven science. You can say that a guess is still a guess and I would have to disagree. A guess you pull out of you ass without the matter of coroborating evidence. A hypothesis is a guess thats made with a conclusion denoted from evidence both observed and measured. So a guess it is but it's also a damn good one. For the full interview check out the link in the description.



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