NEWS Transcript: February 17, 2014:Good evening. Let's take a look at the current solar sunspot groups. Group number 11977 looked for a few days like it was going on ramp up in power but today it finally fizzled out. Seems quite a contrast since we had 12 M-Class flares in less than 3 days and now almost nothing above C-Class in last two, except for that M1.1 yesterday. The only thing of concern are these coronal holes. The NASA plot has an equatorial coronal hole with which the Earth shares a magnetic connection. HEK doesn't have said coronal hole on their plots however but whatever the case may be, the solar wind speed isn't forecasted to be higher than 450 to 500 coming from that coronal hole. Looking at current solar wind speed metrics, current solar wind speed is at 350km/s with gusts to 400. LOL! Quickly let's say hello to incoming sunspot group 11982. This one looks like it has potential for some solid activity. Definitely will watch this one closely and not because there is absolutely nothing else to watch. Just see for yourself, in tonight's solar music montage.

In other news a Monster Asteroid is supposed to fly-by Earth within 2 million miles. A stone's throw in galactic terms. Object named NEA 2000 EM26 is roughly 900feet across and is traveling at 27,000mph. It probably just flew over the canaries tonight at 9PM EST. Don't think it's easy to spot. It'll be slightly fainter than Pluto, which you can't see with the naked eye mind you but there was a live feed on YouTube somewhere.

BBC just ran a story about how a wavier jet stream may affect the way climate systems move about the atmosphere and how that may be what is driving those horrific low pressure systems that have been pummeling the UK all winter. Magnitudes of times bigger this year than most. With flood, storm surges and even a giant wave recorded several days ago. They attribute this to a slowing jet stream, but we already knew this. Thanks BBC.

Latest research shows that the BP oil spill had a devastating impact on mating animals in the Gulf. Dolphins for example were found suffering with miscarriages, deformities and missing teeth. The bottle-nose dolphins were also found with hormonal imbalances and suffering from liver disease, probably from trying to process all those toxins. Poor animals. For shame. we've got to find a better way already.



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