It's been quiet overall in the last 24 hours and the last couple of days in general. X-Ray flux graph showing us one M-Class solar flare earlier in the day from the 11982 group of the solar corona. Not a surprise since the fact that this grouping has a beta-gamma magnetic classification. in addition there was 3 more, less energetic C-Class events, two prior and one thereafter following this M-flare. 11990 still looks potent, again retaining it's beta-delta class for yet another day. So there's still a 30% chance of an X-Class solar flare from this active region. It's little sister to the south, 11991 is growing up and looking more sexy every hour, joining the likes of group 11982 in the Beta-Gamma magnetic class. The best one of them all is still 11990 however, but it might have some company coming in as I've seen a far-side CME leave the corona earlier. My guess the culprit back there was group number 11974 which is also in the beta-gamma fraternity like the other two, 91 and 82. One big filament of concern since the planet Venus' magnetic connection to the sun is treading in that region. Our connection to the sun is still on the backside coronal hole stream where it's been for some time now and will be for the next day or two at least. There a couple of coronal holes  which are Earth Facing but mostly closed with sunspot magnetic loops, but the magnetic field lines are letting some solar wind slip. [fart sound] Just nothing significant really. To recap, the only thing to watch for is one filament and Beta-Delta group number 11990 and Beta-Gamma group 11991 which has been growing rapidly with major central development in the last 24 hours. Im also going to keep my eye on 11993. It's a tiny one and an underdog but I think it may start undergoing a power-up soon.

Solar wind is calm at 400km/s and plasma density is reading normal as well. Earth magnetic field is currently calm with both the Vertical B Field and Total B field vectors currently staying put. Proton fluxing is still elevated but is on it's way down alongside the electrons. Goes Magnetometer is as mornal as it gets and the KP in reading 2.



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