In Boynton Beach Florida, a woman named Merry Christmas has been arrested for obstruction of justice. This is just shameful ... for police officers.

Shouldn't the coppers have seen Merry's ID and said, "Sorry ma'am, I see you are legally connected to the berfday of the Baby Jesus, we'll let this slide out of respect. To Christmas. And America."

We had the highly respected Tranceponder research dept. look into this, and it seems there has been some other holiday/coincidental/odd name/crime related stories.

Gangster Sonny "The Groundhog" Santini was arrested on racketeering charges on Groundhog Day. A guy named Cinco de Mayo-Gutierrez was popped on Cinco de Mayo for public intoxication, public urination and punching a horse. And a woman named Eve Hallows was taken in on Halloween one year for also punching a horse.

P.S. Whats with all these Horse Punchers? Horses are people too, jerks!

There was another story of a young man that was called "Hanukkah Magee" was arrested during Hanukkah for petty theft. However, his real name is Ricky Tenenbaum. "Hanukkah Magee" was only a nickname given to Ricky by his classmates for, and this is a quote, "looking pretty Jew-y."



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