NEWS Transcript: February 13, 2014:

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We'll start with sunspot group number 11974 which is continuing it's tantrum on the coronal disk. 3 M-class Flares yesterday and another 3 M's today. Probability of an X-Class flare as of FEB 13 6:45PM EST is about 10%. Further chances of an M are at 50% but I am willing to go out on a limb here and say the chances of seeing another M is about 100% maybe a little higher even. I thought 976 was coming to crash the party with more fireworks but now I think it will fizzle out. Sunspot group 11977 seems to be the  next one in line for a possible strengthening. I will definitely keep a close eye on that one. Solar wind is currently calm as well as the Planetary KP. We shouldn't see any geomagnetic instability until at least the middle of February 15.

The weather in the Northeast today has been hellacious with high winds, snow and rain dumping up to a foot of accumulation in places with a further 8" inches forecasted for the overnight hours. With temperatures dropping around the area during that time. It will  turn that moisture drawn in from the warm offshore waters into snow and dump it on the northeast. Forecast for the 1am hour of Feb 14 is temp of 28.9F with winds 305 @ 17knots, you're cleared to land runway 15L... Right.

Looking at Europe, temp in or around London at 4C or roughly 40F. Winds 240 @ 15kn. We those three low pressure systems  affecting upper parts of the Atlantic. Looking 24 hours into the future, cell number 3 arrives in the UK to continue pummeling that area. With temps above freezing, snow shouldn't be an issue for those folks but With grounds already saturated by storms, flash flooding will be an issue. Check your local advisories for more info.

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