COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — Estonia is planning to cover a 136-kilometer (84-mile) stretch of land along its border with Russia with state-of-art technology to combat illegal border-crossing and illicit traffic.

The Border Police said Friday the surveillance, including sensors, cameras and radars, would beef up security at the border of the European Union member.

The agency said some 80 kilometers (50 miles) of land had already been cleared, and buoys will be installed to mark the border on rivers and lakes.

Estonia, a former Soviet republic, has been unsettled by tensions in Ukraine and Russia's annexation of Crimea. This month, an Estonian security service officer was sentenced in Russia for spying in a case that Estonia dismissed as revenge for his investigation into a Russian smuggling ring on the border.

My Commentary on this article. by Alexx Sounds

First of all, let me remind everyone who was responsible for overthrowing the legitimate government of Ukraine in the first place. It was the US and NATO with help from powerful elites such as George Soros.

Exhibit 1:

Exhibit 2: US Envoy and psycopath Victoria Nuland, heard here in a leaked phone call, discussing who to install as a puppet ruler shortly after the Maidan Protests began.

Secondly all of this border tension is talk is propaganda designed to get people of Europe to start fearing Russia. Crimea did not get forcefully annexed. They held a referendum to join Russia and Russia accepted. Not a single shot was fired in Crimea and not a single person was killed or harmed in the making of this union.

Exhibit 3:



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