A Saudi Arabian official has reportedly disclosed that the Sunni kingdom sent Syrian rebels a new batch of one of the most effective weapons for battling against the Assad regime this week.

BBC correspondent Frank Gardner tweeted that a Saudi official confirmed the delivery of 500 TOW antitank missiles to the Free Syrian Army (FSA).

Comment: The FSA is comprised mostly of foreign mercenaries who are not from Syria. It's about 90% foreign mercenaries. The FSA works hand-in-hand with the Nusra Front, which is basically Al-Qaeda's name in Syria. The Saudis were pretending to fight terror until Russia got involved and the US, NATO and Saudi Arabia's coalition of deception started to come down. I put forth that we change the name of "The War on Terror" to "The War OF Terror". Because essentially that's what America and our lackeys.. I mean allies, are engaged in.

The FSA is currently being squeezed from all directions by the Syrian military, Russian airstrikes, and competition from jihadist fighters, including ISIS.

The delivery of the TOW missiles — which have also been provided by the CIA — will increase the capabilities of the FSA against Syrian armor, and it would enable them to more effectively battle against Assad’s recent military advances.



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