While people in Europe and the US scrabble around on the floor of malls fighting each other over an insane desire to spend money on stuff they don’t need, thousands of ISIS terrorists are sneaking into European countries disguised as refugees, according to a senior police chief in Germany.
Hans-Georg Maasen, a federal police chief, has said that jihadists from Iraq and Syria are exploiting the migrant crisis, and Europe’s open borders to infiltrate and plot ‘combat missions’.
Maasen told reporters that police in Germany are tracking up to 8,000 ‘combat-hardened professional’ Islamic extremists in Germany alone, adding that his department receives multiple ‘fairly concrete tips’ of planned terrorist activity every week now.
The claims dovetail with news that German special forces havearrested two men in a Berlin raid accused of plotting “a significant criminal act against state security.”
The men were arrested as police swooped upon an Islamic cultural center, in the Britz section of Berlin.
Early reports in German media suggest that one of the men is Syrian and the other a Tunisian.
Police noted that “a suspected dangerous object” was discovered in a vehicle linked to the suspects. Residents in the area were evacuated while the threat was neutralized.
Last week German authorities were accused of covering up an attempted terrorist attack on a Soccer stadium, following a tip off from French intelligence.
Germany has vowed to step up military action in Syria, to support France following the Paris attacks two weeks ago.
The German military will deploy Tornado Jets, which it claims will largely be for reconnaissance purposes.
Sources from the German parliament have also suggested that a warship will be deployed to support the French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle, an army satellite will be placed over Syria, and an Airbus refuelling plane will be sent to help the bombing campaign.



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